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KPN Technology offers measurably secure wafer backend processing and packaging services for a more secure supply chain critical to meet the demands of national security and commercial contracts alike.
Wafer Dicing

KPN Technology can precisely dice Silicon, Silicon Carbide (SiC), and GaN on Sapphire/Silicon/GaN wafers, as thin as 0.020mm (0.0008”) and up to 300mm (12.0”) in diameter with exceptional precision and repeatability. KPN Technology can also dice partial wafers and bumped wafers, as well as substrates or panels in other materials such as laminates, ceramic, glass or quartz.

Wafer Backgrinding

KPN Technology can backgrind wafers up to 300mm in diameter, as well as partial wafers, bumped wafers and even individual die. Fully automated Disco equipment helps us achieve superior quality and target thicknesses of less than 0.050mm (0.002”). We perform all SiC, fused silica, quartz, and silicon wafer backgrinding processes in a class 10K cleanroom.

Wafer Coring & Polishing

KPN Technology uses Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) to gently and effectively remove subsurface damage caused by backgrinding. We offer wafer polishing for freestanding thinned wafers and wafers that are still bonded to a carrier.

KPN Technology has the ability to resize wafers up to 12" to any specification required by the customer. Edge grinding & polishing services are available to guarantee smooth finishes, to provide customers with quality resized products, for R&D or other downstream manufacturing needs.


KPN Technology will construct a measurably secure 60,000 sqft facility, which will house class 10k cleanrooms and versatile wafer processing solutions equipped to service a wide range of industries.

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