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Our Mission

KPN Technology’s mission is to offer trusted integrated circuit (IC) technology and strategic independence to the United States of America as a sustainable and measurably secure service provider in the manufacturing of semiconductors. 

Our Vision

KPN Technology is committed to expanding an irreplaceable part of the semiconductor industry in the United States in order to secure America's supply chain and economic future.  The core of what we do is dedicated to ensuring all clients in the government, research, and commercial markets are completely satisfied. 


Our Team

KPN Technology is a new entrant to the semiconductor services industry.  

KPN Technology is an American, minority-owned OSAT that offers measurably secure wafer backend processing solutions. Using state-of-the-art DISCO equipment to quickly generate efficient downstream processing solutions, KPN Technology will provide a one-stop solution for all wafer backend processes (backgrinding, polishing, coring, dicing). KPN Technology will offer services for all wafer substrate types and sizes up to 12inches (300mm), with a focus on legacy components in silicon, and emerging materials in carbon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride.  

Our Partners

KPN Technology is proud to partner with semiconductor manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions that share the same goals in supporting critical infrastructure.

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